Friday, 5 October 2012

Urang BaaBaa and his forty bank executives are opening their Cave of Treasures and Shop Soiled Faquari Rugs™ in celebration of the 27th running of the Burnie Ten.
Southern sultans, Harem harlots, Chardonnay date packers and Boags barbarians are all invited to hitch their camels at 448 West Mooreville Road and set up their Bedouin tents for the weekend. The Cave opens from noon on the Saturday, with the first treasure hunt getting underway at 2:00pm.  Our success will be celebrated with an evening of Persian delights and a dip in the heated desert oasis.
On the Sunday, join 1,001 Arabian Knights for the annual Burnie Ten, followed by a hot spa and the much rubbing of lamps.

a) Saturday Run - run, food and hash bucket  $25
b) Middle-Eastern Feast - authentic Moroccan and Arabian dishes and some drinks  $25
c) Post-Burnie 10* - food, hash bucket, swim  $10
                    OR THE LOT ........$55
*you will need to register separately for the  Burnie 10 – see for info

To register follow the link

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