Sunday, 25 May 2014

The AGPU; New Cummittee etc and next week's r*n.

The 2014-5 Burnie Mismanagement.

GM: Ringo.
JM's: Phay Wray and A Bit of This.

Lips: Pucker Boy / ToadsTool.
Monk: Ewe Turn.

Horn: Urang,
Flash/Hops: Ringo.

Sec: A Bit of This.
Trailmaster: Speed Hump.

Cash: Ratchet /Speed Hump.
Wrigged Wraffle: Sword Swallower /Ewe Turn.

Foreign Attache : Bastard.

Sunday June 1st 3.30pm @TBA your 'hare' will be ToadsTool.

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