Tuesday, 26 July 2016

R*n 1386.

R*n 1386 on Sunday 31st July will be from Ewe Turn's house 66 Turners Beach Rd. Turners Beach starting at 3.30 pm.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

R*n 1385.

Saturday 23rd July 2016. Join LH3 for their 2222 R*n at Lulworth. No R*n in Burnie that weekend.
LoonRhash 20th July. 6.30 pm meet in Lions park Penguin for a stroll set by BA Stard. Eat at El Perro's then 'Moon the Moon' at 6 Adina Place Penguin with Champagne and Birthday cake!
Sunday 31st July R*n set by Ewe Turn from Turners Beach.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

R*n 1384.

R*n 1384 on Sunday 17th July will be set by OverDose from 11 Stanwyn Court Wynyard at 3.30 pm.
Always assuming that the house is still above the water line!!

Next Wednesday 20th July is the 7th Anniversary of LoonRhash and will be celebrated at El Perro's in Penguin; we have ordered a large Birthday cake in honour of the occasion and would love to see as many of the original 'pack' of Loons as possible to come 'out of the woodwork' to join in the festivities. 6.30 pm for a stroll through the byways of Penguin led by Mr. B.A.Stard.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

R*n 1383.

R*n 1383. Sunday 10th July 2016.

3.30 pm gather at 28 Seaview Avenue. Burnie. Pucker Boy will try to disappoint the elements by setting a dry r*n.