Monday, 27 August 2018

R*n 1497.

Sunday 2nd September. Urang is setting trail at "West Ridgley Follow Signs". 4.30 pm. Note we have moved the starting time to 4.30 pm which will now be the time until the clocks go forward.
Burnie HHH 1500th R*n will be celebrated on 20th October. It will have a "Super Heroes" theme.... (underpants on the outside) 2.30 pm.

Bring food, drinks, bedding and tent, bathing costume, a friend and lots of wood to stoke the boiler!!!

$10 gets you bucket and a sausage after the r*n. You provide everything else.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

R*N 1496.

Sunday 26th August. Mr BA Stard is setting a joint Burnie/LoonRhash R*n from The Neptune Hotel Penguin at 4.30 pm.(Note the time!!!) Followed by a meal in the Hotel.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

R*n 1495.

Sunday August 19th. Recovery r*n after Ratchet's 70th Birthday party. 10.30 am at the Isandula Home for Grandparents.

Ratchet's Birthday Bash starts from 5pm on 18th August until whenever!!! BYO meat and drinks. Plenty of camping space, limited beds in the house.

Sunday 26th August Joint R*n with LoonRhash; 4.30 pm @ TBA set by Bastard.

Monday, 6 August 2018

R*n 1494.

Sunday 12th. August. 3.30 pm. Turn up with a chair, a piece of wood and warm clothes at 57, Kingsclere Rd. East Ridgley for a r*n set by Tals and her sister Spunk.