Monday, 5 February 2007

Burnie HHH club polos

We are looking at getting club polo shirts made up prior to our departure for Nash Hash. Attached are pics of the colours chosen (after much consultation and then picking them out of hat because no one could decide) and the embroidering to go on it.

We now need you to choose a colour (should you want one) and let us know your size.

There are two styles, ‘mens’ and ‘ladies’, although not all sizes in each; I for one am bitterly disappointed that there isn’t a larger size that will show off my attractive waist.

Ladies sizes:
8 (bust size 45cm)
10 (47.5)
12 (50)
14 (52.5)
16 (55)
18 (61)
22 (67)

Mens sizes:
XS (chest 50cm)
S (53)
M (55)
L (58)
XL (61)
XXL (64)
3XL (68)
5XL (73.5)

We will work out cost and advise before ordering, but I would expect that the overall cost will be subsidised by this year’s ill-gotten raffle gains.

As we have to get things moving quickly, please get your ‘order’ back to me ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

But I cant even play polo

Grizzly said...

It's been pointed out by GonZo, tape measure in hand, that the measurements shown against the sizes are impossibly small.
It is my belief that the measurements relate to the width of the garment, sweaty armpit to sweaty armpit.
I will try to have this confirmed, soon.