Friday, 9 February 2007

Farewell to Boo

'Tis another sad note to mark the passing of Babu (Boo), much-loved hash hound and leg-humper of Sub Woofa, staunch guardian of the Cambridge family and much-feared ball biter of some Burnie hashers (those with balls, obviously).

Boo had to be put down after it was discovered that she had polyps bursting internally, and is now chasing down the hash horn at Cloud Nine Hash.


Anonymous said...

Dear Subby,
The hash hounds of heaven had better watch out!
Very sorry to learn about Boo. Bit upsetting. I have tears in my eyes (truth).
On on
Speed Hump

Anonymous said...

It's always a shame to loose one on the family. I recon we have lots of Hash photos of Boo to pass on to Subby.

Chin up Subby

dini said...

So sad for you Subby, though it was mercifully swift; the house will seem very empty. And you will have to get a louder doorbell now.

Farewell Boo, forever running with the pack...

A Bit Of This said...

Sorry to hear about Boo.. another good dog lost to Hashing heavens.

Should we now think about buying shares in Drambuie?? This will be the third or fourth occasion recently when the amber liquid has been cracked to wish an absent friend Happy Hashing on Cloud Nine. We can't go on raiding Dinis' stache indefinately!!

On-on to the Pig Pen,

A Bit of This.

SubWoofa said...

It’s good to know she has nuts to crunch in Hashing Heaven

We miss her terribly