Tuesday, 6 February 2007

A GPS warning and other titbits!

Greetings Grizzly,
I'm not sure if the following meanderings are what you want for the blog site ... if they are please use them, abridge them, plagiarise them even... if not there is always the delete button!!!
These GPS things are fine and are I'm sure a godsend to people who tend to get lost on the way to hash r*ns... they must have improved greatly from the one my son had in the Gulf in 1991.... he managed to lose himself and his tank in the Saudi desert when practising how to catch errant Iraqi soldiers and/or their leader... eventually having to be rescued by a genuine Bedouine Arab plus compulsory camel!!!
More recently there was the story of the lorry driver following his GPS instructions only to find himself stuck in a very narrow English lane between a church and a brick wall or maybe it was a rock and a hard place...whatever ----- I think I'll stick to the old road map for now even though I failed to find Alma Bridge the other week!
Has the story of the Good Samaritan reached Burnie yet? A kind Hasher gave a lift to a Hash friend who had imbibed one to many glasses only to be pulled over by a random breath test van 300 yards from the passengers home. Yes they were BOTH over the limit though only the driver lost his wheels for three months... there must be a moral there somewhere???????
Now another reason for Trashmania: H5 are planning a w/e at Hamilton which clashes with the Bream Creek Show r*n ..a must on many southern Hashers calendar.. I did hear that H5 were considering a date change.. not confirmed as yet.Neither bothers me as I am house sitting that w/e so wouldn't be attending either!!
Enough waffle from the wanderer and her dog..
On-on A Bit of This


Dini said...

Yes the GPS can be deadly - Ringo and GrizZly's friendship is under threat!
Ringo was bought a GPS for his birthday and at the same time ordered one for his friend GrizZly so they could play together. Now Ringo's GPS is broken and GrizZly won't share. Ringo is lost without his toy, once more relegated to paper street maps. A couple of bricks and a camel would not go astray. Stay tuned.

Grizzly said...

Anything of interest to the wider hash community is welcome here, and they don't much wider than Burnie Hash.
Re: the DUI story, just how many hashers have lost their licence after hashing? I wonder if every hash club shouldn't have their own breathalyser.
A Couple Of Weeks has e-mailed to say that the Hamilton weekend has been changed to 24-25 March.

Grizzly said...

Alma Bridge? That would be co-ordinates E435678 N540327, wouldn't it Ringo?


Anonymous said...

It is obvious some people do not have enough work to do ... Not like some other people I won't name but it's me.
Speed Hump
PS Keep up the stories, ABofT!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the GPS will cause more trouble than it's worth. Try driving with the GPS owner while he is changing the directions. On more than one occassion we have travelled to the centre line of the road or just over it. May be interesting travelling in the Canberra traffic.

Anonymous said...

lots of talk about camels here ? at launceston hash we have a breathalizer and its well used oh mingecockel is very wide spread in hash as well.