Sunday, 25 March 2007

Next R*n - No. 886

R*n 886, Sunday 25th March 2007, 4:30pm start
Hare: Grizzly
On on: Penguin tip, Montgomery Road, Penguin
Hash cash: $8
Bring: Hat, mug and joke

Note the change in time due to the end of daylight saving


Anonymous said...

one hump here again, i see this weeks starting a bit earlier, u will be droping in back further i gather.u all booked in for the hightland fling at the great lake hotel ??

Grizzly said...

Haven't heard anything about the Fling as yet (how surprising - there's nothing about it on Trashmania). Last I heard they were looking at Fonthill (near Oatlands).

BH3 will be heading back to a 3:30pm start over the coming weeks. I miss daylight saving already...

Anonymous said...

yep the fling is at the great lake hotel. book a room fast as thery are going. pricket is the person to talk to so for all you burnie hashes ring her soon.