Friday, 20 April 2007

HHH Burnie Hash Trash April 20

The new Mismanagement Committee has been sworn in and, by Sunday afternoon, sworn at.

This week’s trail is being set by Knickers from 1054 Isandula Road, despite Ratchet desperately wanting to go to the footy in Launceston. Ratchet is such a footy fanatic.

The pack will start off at 3:30pm, give or take a Ringo moment.

Bring a hat, mug and joke. You know the drill. I’d say wear footy gear to help ease Ratchet’s pain at missing out on the footy, but I don’t think that anyone has any.

Don’t forget the Targa breakfast at King Komm from 7:00am. Bring breakfast goodies to share around.


Apr 22 – Targa breakfast @ King Comm (7am start)
Apr 25 – Hash Old Farts Trekkers to Walls of Jerusalem (or alternate if weather less than kind)
Jun 9-10 – Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Great Lakes Hotel
Jun 23-24 - Devonport H3 Shortest Run Weekend @ Guildford (to be confirmed)
Jul 7 - Global Harriettes Run (07.07.07)
Jul 7 - Hobart Hash Ball
Aug 25-26 - Devonport H3 Tour de Pisse
Mar 21-23 2008 - Interhash, Perth WA


R*n 889 - Apr 22 - Knickers – 1054 Isandula Road
R*n 890 - Apr 29 - Dick Tayshun – Montello (Mexican theme)
R*n 891 - May 6 - Lone Arranger - TBA

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Anonymous said...

Dick Tayshun – Montello (Mexican theme run sounds good , what or where is montello ??

dini said...

To the ubiquitous anonymous ice cream seller, Montello is a small suburb of Burnie near the olympic swimming pool, and yes, you will need a sombrero, poncho and a false gut like you wore to the AGPU, you would be dressed to a tee. Three thirty next Sunday from the house of Dick Tayshun would see you looking like one of the crowd.