Sunday, 7 October 2007

Next R*n - No. 913 - HOFT #6

Sunday 7th October 2007, 8:30am EDST start
Hare: Dint
On on: meet at McDonalds Burnie car park (click here for map)
Hash cash: no charge - BuyYourOwn drinks and meal
Bring: walking gear, lunch

HOFT #6 is a walk to Mt. Murchison
Walk length: 4 Kilometres
Time: 4 hours return

One of the most attractive photographic opportunities on the West Coast both on the way and upon reaching summit, not an easy walk/climb for the faint hearted, but none the less very much worth the effort. The track is accessible from the Anthony Road that runs from Tullah to Queenstown and is signposted (but not all that clearly) and is an exceptional climb through a variety of ancient alpine forests that display an exciting array of floral types. The transition of vegetative types from start to summit is remarkable and changes almost with every step and from season to season with the alpine autumn being an event to behold with the changing colours of the deciduous beech. Not an easy walk but to be recommended to the serious walker.

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