Sunday, 23 December 2007

moose sign

HI the signs were more plentiful than the moose for me. As the pictures are large I will only send 2. Unusal chip dump.
Merry Xmas. Braved the storms and dashed over the mountains to get Ralph and returned in one piece. Got lucky with the storms. And survived the Sacremento multiple highway splits right side or left side exit its a dash if you don't know! Alittle scary.
Merry Christmas
Paula Hanks


Grizzly said...

Twas good to read that Chunder made it in time, so at least the haircut was worthwhile.

You seem not to be suffering the blizzards we have seen on the news. Will it be a white Christmas?

As for the 'unusual chip dump', there's a down waiting for you in Burnie, as you have driven past the same style of dumper every day on your way to work.

Merry Christmas to both you and Chunder.

GonZo said...

Don't think so ...never saw big trucks turned on end! GonZo