Friday, 16 January 2009

HHH Hash Trash 16 January 2009

Happy campers at Port Sorell are used to strange sights, such as Ratchet riding around on his bike in his budgie smugglers and Knickers uprooting half the coastal fauna.  This Sunday they can add to their experiences as Burnie Hash spreads canvas from the Port Sorell caravan park, with a run set by Knickers *cough*.  There's a fuzzy sort of GoneAgain style map thingy picture at

The r*n starts at 5:30pm; bring hat, mug, $10 for food and bucket, novelty large hand, chair, joke and friend.  Bring extra cash for a splash in GonZo's fairy penguin booty.  I don't even know what that means.

Just for a lark…
Hashers and local whiskey lovers are invited to attend a tasting evening of Lark Distillery wares at the West Mooreville Rd chicken and moose farm, starting at 6:30 pm on Friday 23rd January.  Cost is $15 for those participating in the tastings, with substantial food provided.  There may also be a Ringo-shaped birthday cake!  BYO other drinks if desired.

Sounds good enough reason to leave God's-own Cascade Country - just for the weekend, mind you.
No surprise result in the last poll, which asked 'Which side will win the Beer War?'.  68% responded 'Boags Empire', with 31% (i.e Grizzly van der Kuunt) responding 'Cascade Colonials'.  That was until the Web Wanker reset the poll, meaning that Cascade was favoured by 98% of respondents.  It should have been 100%, but some of those pesky Urangs are hard to remove.

This week's poll is: Which punishment should be meted out for an errant Trailmaster? (or it will be when I can get the poll thingy to work)
Go to, look for the poll on the right side of the page and record your vote (closes next Thursday).

UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
January 22 - Chardonnay H3 555th run, AGPU and 10th anniversary @ TBA
January 23 - Lark distillery tasting @ West Mooreville Rd chicken farm
January 31 - Hobart (H4) 2000th run @ The Lea
February 14 - Red Dress Run @ Hobart
February 20-22 - Swine 09 Pig Pen Run @ Nugent
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns

R*n 981 - Jan 18 - Knickers @ Port Sorell caravan park
R*n 982 - Jan 25 - mystery hare @ Burnie

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Anonymous said...

Re: this weeks Trash. Surely it is the flora that Knickers digs up not the recently deceased wallabies and possums ie: fauna!!

Web Wanker said...

Did I write flora? Did I? If I write fauna I mean fauna. Knickers is well known for exuming passed on pets. Well known, I say.

Anonymous said...

That explains the odd taste to the burgers on Sunday evening!!!

AnonYmouse said...

On a point of order I believe 'exuming' is actually spelt 'exhuming'

Web Wanker said...

On a point of order, I believe that you are missing a comma and a full stop.

Anonymous said...