Friday, 6 February 2009

HHH Hash Trash 6 February 2009

Somewhere on the outer tendrils of Burnie's suburbia a hare can be see gambolling among the thistles.  On closer inspection, it can't really be called gambolling; not even capering to tell the truth.  Lead-footed stomping might be more descriptive.  Nevertheless, hare Dini sets this week's trail starting from the fresh produce outlet on Mount Road, just south of and opposite to Singline Avenue in Singline's Estate, upper upper downer Burnie.

The r*n starts at 5:30pm; bring hat, mug, $10 for food and bucket, pearls, chair, joke and friend. Bring extra cash for a chance to rummage around in GonZo's red bag of mystery objects.
It would appear, unsurprisingly, that Burnie hashers would rather trust Ivan Milat than trust a Devonport hasher with the Hashit.  It also appears that Flasher can access eight computers, or has an infinite number of monkeys clicking away at an infinite number of computers, while DickHead Web Wanker GoneAgain proved that running fifty three blogs keeps you too busy to rig a poll in your favour.  Dyke, in recording no votes whatsoever, proved that he is possibly the only honest DH hasher and therefore a worthy recipient of the Hashit (albeit a replica, ice cream bucket version).

This week's poll is: Which male hasher looks best in a red dress?
Go to, look for the poll on the right side of the page and record your vote (closes next Thursday).

UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
February 14 -
Red Dress Run @ Hobart
February 20-22 - Swine 09 Pig Pen Run @ Nugent
February 25 - LH3/4 Launceston Cup hospitality tent
February 28 - Launceston H3 AGPU
February 28-March 1 - H5 Hamilton weekend
April 4-5 - weekend HOFT to see Nelson Montezuma fall
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
June 6-8 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ TBA
June 21 -
Burnie 1000th
R*n 984 - Feb 8 - Dini @ Mount Road, Burnie
R*n 985 - Feb 14 - Red Dress Run @ Hobart Regatta Grounds
R*n 986 - Feb 22 - Trailmaster @ TBA

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Anonymous said...

Dear esteemed WebMaster,
Please explain to me how those dastardly Dickhead hashers have "our" Weekly Trash which is so well written by Dini.. posted on their Blogsite?? Yet we poor Burnie Hashers have to wait for our paper copy on a Sunday evening?? There is surely some Irish logic there!!!

Dini said...

Dear Anonymous,
I'm not sure what lame excuse our Webmeister has for being technologically impaired in comparison to the DH blog...but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that Dint can't burn the electronic version without melting his computer.

Grizzly said...

My dear anon,
The ability to place such files on the web depends upon having a method of storing such files that is accessible to the world wide web. This requires a commercial arrangement with a hosting service, which is readily available yet requires payment, thereby reducing the amount of beer available to be drunk. DickHead hash only has this ability due to the web-anality of it's own Web Wanker, Mr GoneAgain. It is true that we (I) could put a link to the same page accessible via the DH blog, but the page offends me visually and I shall not be sullied so. Besides - I like the paper version, it's easier to read on the toilet. I may be coerced into adding the link, but only when hell freezes over or the Trailmaster has a decent redceding hareline, whichever comes first.