Friday, 27 March 2009

HHH Hash Trash 27 March 2009

This Sunday's Burnie Hare is as English as a failing cricket team, as Irish as a dees'l fid'er and as Scottish as a bone-chilling mist.  She's the painted lady with the long dog and mobile postcode, and she's setting trail from the top car park at Fern Glade Reserve, Burnie.

Be ready for a 5:30pm on on call and bring a hat, mug, friend, piece of wood, joke, auger, $10 for food and bucket and extra cash for a dibble in GonZo's rigged raffle.

According to last week's poll there's no consensus on when a HOFT should be set, so let's leave it up to the tried and true system of waiting for volunteers.

This week's poll is: W?
Go to, look for the poll on the right side of the page and record your vote (closes next Thursday).

UP AND CUMMING. ( updated)
April 4-5 - weekend HOFT to see Nelson Montezuma fall
April 20 - H5 AGPU
May 1-3 - 2009 Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns
May 23 - Burnie AGPU
June 6-8 - Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Great Lake Hotel, Miena
June 21 - Burnie 1000th
R*n 992 - Mar 29 - A Bit of This @ Fern Glade
R*n 993 - Apr 4-5 - Dyke's maxi HOFT to Montezuma and Nelson Falls
R*n 994 - April 12 - Giggles @ TBA
R*n 994 - April 19 - Chunder @ TBA

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At least there are no togas in this poll