Friday, 3 July 2009

HHH Hash Trash 3 July 2009

Ah, Devonport.  Rusty-hinged gateway to Tasmania and home of the DickHead hash.

In over 1,000 r*ns of Burnie Hash history, barely a bucket of ovine testicles have been held on the Mersey side of the NW Coast, but who better to throw another set of sheep's balls into the bucket than the bi coastal Dyke? (I'm sure that should read bi-coastal, but he is primarily a Devonport hasher so it stands as is - besides, he doesn't have a computer and will never read this any).

This Sunday's BURNIE hash starts at 3:30pm from Unit 2, 64 Tugrah Rd, Devonport (Google it if you're unsure how to get there), as opposed to Devonport's Monday night hash from Penguin and Tuesday night's Lunar hash from Ulverstone.  All very incestuous.

Bring hat, mug, joke, friend and $10 for food and bucket.  Bring extra cash to be ripped off by Hash Hawker Chunder.
A reminder that Tuesday night sees the launch of a new hash club on the NW coast of Tasmania Luna Hash.
In order to say that you were on Run 1, be at Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone at 7:00pm on Tuesday 7th July.   Aaaarrrooooooo!
Interhash 2010 if you would like to be part of a Tasmanian ghetto in Kuching, contact Mike 'Mad Dog' Bowerman to grab one of the few remaining rooms at the Grand Margarita.  There's one year to go, but all the good accommodation is already showing a fully booked!
Early details of
BallPoint's Born in Borneo Brouhaha Rainforest Interhash 2010 pre- and post-lube tour are up on the Hash Trashmania blog (  If you are going to the next Interhash and want to experience something authentic of the region, get in contact with BP to register your interest.

Congratulations to Trakka and Tinsel on becoming grandparents for the first time this week.  Drambuie time?
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Jul 7 – Lunar Hash Run No. 1
Jul 25-26 - Waratah Wild West Weekend
August 15-16 - Devonport H3's Tour de Pisse
September 9 - 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
October 3-4 – H5 Oktoberfest @ Bronte Park
October 17-18 - Burnie 10 weekend
R*n 1005 - July 5 - Dyke @ U2 64 Tugrah Rd, Devonport
R*n 1006 - July 12 - GonZo @ TBA
R*n 1007 - July 19 - Speed Hump @ TBA
R*n 1008 - July 25 - WWW6 - Phay Ray and Urang @ Waratah
R*n 1009 - July 26 - Urang @ Waratah
R*N 1010 - August 2 - Giggles and Boom Boom @ TBA
† R*n 1011 - August 9 - A Bit of This @ TBA
R*n 1012 - August 15 - DH3 Tour de Pisse @ Turners Beach
R*n 1013 - August 23 - Trakka @ Wynyard

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