Friday, 9 April 2010

Hash Trash 08 April 2010

With that Pommy harridan consigned to hard labour in the technological backwater of Dover, there's no one around to harangue me about sending out a Burnie Hash e-mail this week. So I won't do it. I'll type it up for my own amusement, but I WON'T press 'send'.

Not that there's cause to send one out anyway as Flasher has somehow convinced the Trailmaster that a drive through the countryside is the same as putting in the hard yards in pursuit of the hare! What rot! How can one get a sweat up playing tourist in an air-conditioned carriage in order to have it satisfied in beer?

You can't! Unless...

... you own a Jaguar, in which case there's a fair chance that the oil will have burned away and you'll be pushing two tonnes of British metal to the nearest mechanic. Unless...

... your name is Urang, in which case the lack of oil is hardly going to be an issue worthy of ceasing to drive the thing.

If you insist on being part of this Gispert-forsaken attempt at vehicular hashing, you should present yourselves at Ulverstone Maccas by 9:00am this Sunday. Bring your tweed driving jacket, goggles and money for fuel (human and combustion engine).
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
Wednesday April 28 — LoonRhasH @ Sheffield
Friday May 28 — LoonRhasH @ Ulverstone?
Saturday May 29 – Burnie H3 AGPU
June 12-13 – Chardonnay Highland Fling
July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash
R*n 1047 - 11/04/2010 - Flasher's car HOFT starting at 9am from Macca's Ulverstone and 9.30 from Big Apple Spreyton
R*n 1048 - 18/04/2010 - Ratchet @ TBA
R*n 1049 - 25/04/2010 - Phay Wray @ Lyons Avenue, Devonport
R*n 1050 - 02/05/2010 - Ringo @ TBA
R*n 1051 - 09/05/2010 - Giggles @ TBA
R*n 1052 - 16/05/2010 - Dini @ TBA
R*n 1053 - 23/05/2010 - Chunder @ TBA
R*n 1054 - 29/05/2010 - AGPU - Ratchet @ 1054 Isandula Rd, Gawler

On! On!

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A Bit of This said...

Hard luck Grizzly!!I've escaped DDD to the relative normality of Castle Forbes Bay!!!Going to Hobart next week and hope to catch up then.