Friday, 27 April 2012

Burnie Hash Trash April 27th 2012

This week Hare Phay Wray takes Burnie Hashers deep into the hills in search of alpacas.  I love alpacas, but doubt I could eat a whole one.
Drive south through the Ridgley township (avoiding the houses and keeping to the roads makes this much less complex) and hang a right at the Guide Falls turn off.  Follow signs from the Guide Falls gateway.  There may or may not be alpacas, but there will be definitely be trail.  None of your GPS palaver.
Sunday April 29th, 3.30 pm.  Wear a hat, bring mug, joke, friend, piece of wood, $10 and change for the rigged raffle.  On afters will be at the King's Chapel, 457 Mooreville Road.
On! On!  Dini    

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Burnie HHH Next R*n April 22nd

There are times in our lives when we search for meaning.
This week's Hare, a Bit of This, has completed that phase of her life and is now devoted to the search for small plastic lunchboxes concealed in dark, musty, spore-laden spaces.
This week's Geocaching adventure starts from the Heybridge (Cuprona) football ground, and due to the slightly different nature of the r*n, the Hare recommends that we start at 3.30pm.
Bring a GPS or smartphone (rather a turnaround, I thought, for a hare who maligns R*nkeeper users at every turn...).
The hare provides the following instruction:
Go to geocaching Australia (Tasmania) and find 'A mule track for copper' Heybridge and' Steam wheel in the bush', also Heybridge for any hints and clues!!!
Bring money for a pub meal On On after at Mecca (Club Hotel) Burnie.
Also useful may be small donatable Hash artefacts to leave in the geocache boxes. Don't miss this one, sounds like lots of fun!
On! On!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Burnie HHH Next R*n April 15th

This week's r*n celebrates a birthday at the new House of Hump. Hare Speedy clocks up a new milestone in record time. It must surely only be 6 months since her last birthday? Or perhaps we are all just having too much fun.
Instructions from the Hare are as follows:
Travel to Highclere Shop and say Hi to Clere. Turn right on Oonah Road, continue 3.3km, turn left onto Guide Road. Travel 2 km along Guide Road to where the r*n starts. Signs are promised, but the Hare did not say what sort, so look for a juniper bush with foot-shaped berries and birthday candles. That's sure to be a sign of something.
4.30pm sharp, Sunday April 15th. Bring all the usual stuff.
On! On!