Monday, 7 May 2007

Global Harriettes R*n (07.07.07)

The Global Harriettes R*n is held annually on the date where the day, month and year are the same number, meaning that this year's r*n will be held on Saturday 7th July (07.07.07).

As this date coincides with the Hobart Hash Ball, it has been decided that Burnie's part of GHR will be held as a breakfast run, allowing ballgoers to head south.

Details of both the Global Harriettes Run and the Hash Ball will be posted soon.


dini said...

Hey Grizzly and/or the JM's - Any chance of some ball points, um I mean details about the Hash Ball? They seem to have been heavily scrubbed down on the Tas Hash page. I gather it's seventies theme, but when, where, how much and whooom? And what a great idea to do a brekky for the Harriettes run!!!. Will there be croissants, or just tarts? Will the juice be freshly squeezed? Can I get a long black? Or isn't Killer coming? He has a great coffee machine.

Grizzly said...

See the post above this one for ball details.